Healthy Alternatives to Dairy

It’s normal and healthy to desire fatty and sweet food such as milk – afterall, that was the first food we consumed when we were born!


The only thing is, no animals in nature in normal circumstances drink the milk of another animal, and all of them wean from their mother’s milk when they reach adulthood.

We have discussed in an earlier post why commercial pasteurised dairy is “unrecognisable” for our body and how it promotes production of excess mucous in the body which compromises our optimal health.

You can try any of the healthier alternatives below.

Even though on paper they do not contain as much calcium (which the dairy industry uses to promote dairy), you gain more nutrients in effect because they are much better absorbed and assimilated.

So if you need a “milky” liquid to pour over your cereal or put into your tea, give these a try (and freshly made preferred).  You may also try giving a mix of these to your child, especially if they have allergic reaction to cow’s milk:

  • Almond milk – made from soaked raw almond nuts with water (blended and strained), can be flavoured and enhanced with vanilla beans, sea salt and ginger, lower fat than milk and very delicious (now even Bill Clinton has switched to it from cow’s milk and feeling much better, inspired by doctor’s advice like that of Dean Ornish and Caldell Essellstyn).  Many nuts can be used to make “milk”, including cashew, macadamian and hazelnut.  (Higher fat content creamier!)  Store bought ones are much more inferior to home-made ones made from organic nuts.
  • Coconut milk – you can make your own by blending up fresh coconut water and flesh, the medium chain saturated fat from coconut (especially if you use mature coconuts) makes it high in fat but it’s “good fat” that will actually assist in healthy chloestoral level and provide energy. Lauric acid (which is the main fat in coconut) is also a major component of human milk and it’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.  My coconut_milk_powder latest favourite (as it’s so convenient and wholesome): this coconut milk powder that you can just blend into water.
  • Hemp milk – made from hempseeds and water, naturally high in omega 3 and 6 and protein, can be enhanced with gentle sweetener like the low G.I. coconut sugar and vanilla beans.

These ones are my second choices:

  • Rice milk – usually store bought and sweetend with refined sugar.  Not much fat, protein or calcium. Best to be improved by adding Raw Vegan protein and virgin coconut oil if you want protein and fat as you would normally expect from dairy.  Rice milk is not high in calcium but you can get your calcium from dark leafy greens and green superfoods.
  • Soy milk – choose organic and non GM as much as possible.  Can confer all the health benefits of the soya beans.  Best freshly made with pre-soaked beans for best absoprtion, can be enhanced with ginger, sea salt and a touch of gentle sweetener.  Alternate soy milk with other vegan “milks” as too much soy can have thyroid suppressing effect.

Did you know even “cheese” can be made without dairy?  Here is a recipe for a very simple to make vegan dip that tastes almost like “cheese”.

Fermented nut can be made into vegan cheeses with probiotics and taste as good and easier to digest as well.

Click here for a simple nut and dairy free yogurt recipe.

Click here for the Healthy Fast Food for Busy People class I teach to experience making vegan milk…

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