Stroke of Insight

Updated on 8th March 2016:

Today is the day many celebrate the Women’s Day in the world.

Let’s salute to all the nurturing and often self-forgetting mothers of our world, without them we would not be here!

Let’s also salute to all powerful women who occupy key roles in big or small organisations in the world that are making our world a better place. Thanks to their womanly capacity to listen, to adapt, to integrate the left and right sides of their brain hemispheres and (as a result) can “multitask” better! <Yes did you know that women generally have more connection between their two sides of the brain?>

Let’s get inspired today by this brain scientist Dr. Jill Bolte whose talk at TED is one of the most watched and highly rated.

She has a schizophreniac brother which was why she became a brain scientist. Little did she know she would be given a rare opportunity to study how the brain works when she suffered a stroke on the left side of her brain in 1996 (which took her 8 years to recover completely), and the experience completely changed her perception of and attitude in life.

In her own words, the left and right hemispheres are two very different personalities (so in a way there is a schizophreniac in all of us!).  In the few hours when she witnessed her left brain shut down, she lost language and other left brain functions. She realised how her “normal reality” has been mostly left brain driven, but as she drifted into her right brain reality, she experienced, in her words, the timeless and spaceless “Nirvana”.

And we can choose every moment how to perceive our reality and which side of the brain we listen to – the linear and separate “I am” left brain, or the lateral and holistic “We are” right brain. She is passionate to spread the message that Nirvana is within reach for all of us, right here and now.

This is one of the top most watched talks on – brain scientists Jill Bolte talks about her stroke experience that has allowed her to experience freedom from her left brain dominance, and how her life was never the same after that.

I believe we women are in a very important position in today’s world to show the rest of the world not only is it okay to use more of our right brain (or to be a little different than the “norm”) but it is imperative to do so to really solve the problems of our world. Like Einstein said, it is insanity to do the same things and expect different results…! I think the difference between “knowledgeable” and “wise” lies in our ability to access both sides of the hemisphere freely.

And so much healing takes place only by shutting down our left brain!

Nutrition, essential oils, exercise, detoxifying and stress management practices all can support us to achieve more balance and harmony in our brain.

Regardless of gender, let’s all tap into our innate resources and manifest our greatest potentials!

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