“Natural Antibiotic”? Is there such a thing?

Of course there is!

In fact, human beings have survived through all these thousands of years with substances in nature to maintain its innate immunity. Plant in nature need to survive free radical damage, pests and unfriendly micro-organisms and that’s why they need to produce their own immune substances.
Where do the pharmaceutical industry get the active ingredients of drugs from?  Nature!  But they would need to isolate and de-nature the substance such that they can patent it in order to profit from it.

Did you know for example Tamiflu (the well known flu drug heavily promoted by the drug industry and American government and government over the world for years) is derived from the common chinese herb Star Anise?

In fact many common herbs and foods or their essence are naturally very strongly anti-bacterial and anti-viral.  For example, rosemarEO_herb_moody, clove, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, garlic, oregano, tea tree oil and so on.  And they do NOT cause imbalance of gut flora like drugs do, and they are non-toxic to the liver (like all drugs are).

Essential oils produced in the oil glands of plants are many times more concentrated than dried or fresh herbs.  (But one must use medicinal quality essential oils for therapeutic use.  Most essential oils are sold for their aroma only.)

Pharmaceutical Anti-microbial medicine:

1. While they suppress symptoms short-term, what they do long-term is weaken our own immunity.  (This is generally the case in fact with most drugs.)  Our immune cells are made in our gut and you do not want to mess up its balance by killing  bacteria in it without discrimination.

2. Overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics in the past few decades have made what used to be trivial infection lethal, because organisms are mutating and outsmarting the drugs, and we are running out of solutions.  We are facing a big crisis of the rise of “Super-bugs”.  Deaths from hospital infection are rising rapidly worldwide.

Check out this article on The Guardian.

Why Natural Medicine are much better for you:

Molecularly, natural substances are very complex, and thus it’s very difficult for the bacteria and viruses to mutate and become “superbugs”.  These mutated “superbugs” have developed only as a result of modern medicine.

It’s only been about half a century that we have been using pharmaceutical anti-microbial drugs widely and we are already facing serious drug resistance problem.  But natural medicine has been around and been used for thousands of years and they are still powerful to this day.  Natural herbs and essences are a lot “smarter” and they support the body’s own immunity to attack what it needs to attack with no side effects.  The only reason you do not hear more about them is there is no money to be made and natural substances cannot be monopolised.

What do I do to stay resilient in the flu season?  And I interact with a lot of people including people who are not well.

I always take a good probiotic to support the beneficial flora in my gut because that’s the origin of everything that makes the body.

thieves_rangeAnd this winter, I have been diffusing a natural anti-bacterial essential oil blend (which has been shown to kill over 99.9% of air borne bacteria and halt the life cycle of viruses) in my office where we receive a lot of people.  And I am using cleaning products infused with this blend as well.

A few times I have people with flu blowing their nose and coughing right in front of me and even during long meeting and I would just diffuse this.  Everyone’s happy – I don’t fall sick and I help them to get well faster.  If you have good quality tea tree oil and lemon oil, you can diffuse them too.  The blend I use has many oils in it and so it covers more ground.

Inner_DefenseThe most convenient, cost-effective and reliable natural antibiotic I have used is a capsule containing oregano oil (one of the most powerful natural antibiotic) with clove, cinnamon bark etc – a blend of natural’s most effective antibiotic blend.  I usually take one capsule (after meal or with almond milk) if I am feeling like a cold or flu is developing.  And it just helps to nib the cold in the bud.  You can take up to three times a day to speed recovery.  (Make sure take it with food or after meal)  I have been very amazed a few times how it cleared my head very quickly when everyone around me seemed to be sick/getting over being sick.

Of course learning to listen to your body is also important as you can catch the signs early.

So far I have not been sick once in the whole of past year to now (2013).

Lastly if you have candida, experience infection often (like UTI, sinus and ear infection etc), taking a broad spectrum natural antibiotic like the above (or similar if you want to make your own blend) is a convenient and effective way to improve and reverse the situation.  If you eliminate the infection and inflammation, you restore healthy pH of your body.  Colds and flus do not take place in such an environment!

So I truly wish you to be well and do not HAVE TO take antibiotics for emergency situation (which can sometimes happen).

Check out this post for what else to do about immunity boosting and speeding recovery.  Be well!


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