Speeding Recovery from Flu

We are constantly bombarded by pathogens in our surroundings. Raising the efficiency of our own immunity helps us stay strong in the face of pathogens anytime.  For me, prevention by doing what I have shared so far is much more practical in protecting myself from flu than flu shots.  Of course you are free to choose.  Any of the these natural strategies can also support you – if you suffer from the side effects of flu shots.

The tips I shared in this earlier post are some on-going things you can do to reduce toxic load and to keep your immunity strong.

In this post, most of what I share I also do regularly.  But specifically if I am sick I would do more of to speed recovery, and to relieve symptoms as quick as possible.

And of course I presume you already know the obvious ones like drinking more water, keeping warm and resting (that’s a big one!)

1. Warm bath – thermal therapy of many kinds have long been used in many cultures.  Even without any sauna treatment, you can do a good ol’ salt bath to relieve muscle pain and akalinize the body.  Use about about two cups of epsom salt (or mixed with some Himalayan salt for more mineralising effect).  Many essential oils are naturally anti-bacterial, like lavender and lemon oil.  Stronger ones are tea tree oil and oregano oil.  They may not smell as nice as lavender and lemon, but they are very powerful and you can mix them.  These days I would just use a pre-mixed blends to save time, like Thieves.  You can also blend your own.  You use 6 to 8 drops with one bath, mixed into the salt first so the oil will work longer.  You are absorbing the essence of the oils through the skin as well as through inhalation.

No bath tub?  You can at least do a foot bath.  It still works very well.  Do it before bed so you sleep well and have the energy to recover.

Another great addition to add to your bath water and is very cheap is baking soda.  It is alkalising.  Be generous with it.

2.  Infra red sauna – when you raise body temperature you increase white blood cell activity.  So even regular sauna can help if you do not have access to infra red sauna.  But infra red sauna does not need to be as hot and works better in promoting lymph and blood flow.  (Ask us for recommendations)

3. Traditional Chinese scrapping and cupping – excellent in reducing discomfort like muscles aches and headaches.  Basically it’s about moving the blood and lymph to get rid of toxins.  My grandma used to scrap me with just a spoon.  It hurt, but it worked!  All TCM doctor will tell you flu and cold need to run its course.  So what you do is to let it FLOW by moving your blood, lymph and chi!

4. Double your normal dose of probiotics and take Inner Defense (which I shared about in my post about Natural Antibiotics).  Try to take these 4 to 8 hours apart.

5. (Newly added in 2014) Do Raindrop Therapy (you can receive as a treatment or DIY with the oils: all the oils used are highly anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory (reduce pain) and support your natural immunity.  Click here >>> to see how people all over the world have used this technique for cold and flu.

6. (Coffee) Enema – it is excellent for reducing fever, muscle aches and all flu related symptoms. It is a practice that has been traditionally used by many families and this procedure was in the Merck’s doctor’s desk reference until the 70’s.  It helps raises body’s antioxidant level very quickly by stimulating bile and glutathione production in the liver.  Secondarily it cleanses the colon and helps restore healthier gut flora.  It works wonders in times of fever and infection.  (As there’s not much profit in selling enema kit and there is not much repeat business as the bag last a long time, haha, that’s probably why you don’t hear much about it.  But it’s an integral part of Gerson Therapy and other non-invasive natural cancer therapy, which has saved many lives of people with even cancer.  (It may not be the first thing you want to do but if you are interested in learning how to do it, contact my office for instructions…)

7. Drinking lemon juice (diluted in warm water) and enhanced with lemon oil (less acidic but more antioxidant).  Click here for ideas of using therapeutic lemon oil (a multi functional and economical oil) >>>  You can add ginger juice and raw honey to the mix.  This is basic but can be very powerful.  You need to drink throughout the day.

Can natural methods work faster than drugs that stop the symptoms?

Generally the common experience that I have as well as what I have observed from others is, instead of suffering for a week or so or even longer when taking pharmaceutical drugs that suppress symptoms, using natural, economical and effective measures like those shared above, recovery time can be much shortened with no side effects.  Our body is extremely resilient and intelligent given we work WITH it.

But of course in acute situation, and if your symptoms are preventing you from sleeping, you may need to take drugs just to allow you to sleep because it is during your sleep your body recovers the most.

Stomach flu:

While the above applies, mind the precautions below

– any enema may aggravate so avoid until stomach is settled

– lemon oil in raw honey better than lemon juice which can be too acidic for the stomach

– lying face down receiving Raindrop Therapy would not be comfortable but you can apply oil on the feet

Diffusing the antibiotic essential oils is recommended in any case.

If you have diarrhea, make sure you eat simply.  Plain rice congee works wonder.  While ginger may be irritating, ginger foot bath is okay.

To settle an upset stomach and for speeding up stomach flu recovery, rub diluted therapeutic Peppermint oil over your stomach, or drink water with it.  Re-apply often if acute.  (It’s also excellent for relieving muscle pain, headache, decongesting sinus, reducing fever, and disinfecting the air through diffusion.)  Click here for therapeutic Peppermint Oil usage ideas >>>

Another natural remedy you can try for stomach flu is DiGize oil.  Apart from stomach flu, you can also use it for bloating, constipation and many conditions relating to digestion.  Click here for DiGize blend usage ideas >>>

You may also alternate these two.

Relieving aches and pain quickly:

Okay I know coffee enema is not for everyone (but I find it really effective for pain relief, and in fact it was how it was first used in WWI for wounded German soldiers) and sometimes it’s not practical to do a warm bath.  Here’s a recipe of a natural pain killer I’ve learnt from Frances Fuller.  And it has never failed me.  (The original recipe is said to be from Gary Young, founder of Young Living)

(Sacred) Frankincense + Balsam Fir + Copaiba  – 5 drops each combined in a veggie cap

Each of these are strongly anti-inflammatory and on their own may already be enough.  But my experience is that when the three are used in synergy the pain relief effect is much quicker.  Most of the time the heavy headed feeling is 80% gone for me within minutes taking just one capsule.  No drugs, natural or synthetic, have ever done this for me.  (The oils referred to are Young Living therapeutic essential oils registered as “supplement” in the US.)

Important precaution: when you decide to ingest essential oil, make sure it’s authentic and pure quality, and that you have food in the stomach, as it may irritate stomach lining.  Always start on a low dose. Mixing it into raw honey or a syrup is one way of taking it, if not in a veggie cap.  

If you are suffering from a flu right now, I wish you speedy recovery!!

If this post has been useful, please share and help someone!

<If you do not live in Hong Kong and would like to get a hold of some of the products mentioned, feel free to email us my office or comment below for help in ordering from where you are.>

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