The Biology of Belief and Emotional Healing

Latest neuro-science has found or confirmed these:

  • 95% of the consciousness is in the subconcious level, and the subconscious mind directs our physiology, perceptions and habits. Only 5% is in the conscious level (so it’s really like the tip of the iceburg)
  • we store emotional memory at the cellular level and our perceptions and beliefs have a direct impact on our health (in fact Traditional Chinese Medicine and many other ancient body of knowledge have always acknowledged the direct link between emotions, thoughts and health)
  • we remember negative experience much better than positive ones (as a survival need)
  • most of our limiting beliefs are formed from negative interpretation of our experience and they are formed before the age of 6 (and we continue to reconfirm these beliefs later in life by default)

These limiting beliefs are like programs running in our subconscious mind.  Most of us struggle trying to be “positive”, “happy” and “healthy” in the top 5% level of consciousness, which is our conscious mind.  And we seem to have no control over our “automatic” insecurities, self criticism, fear of change, self doubt, anxiety and/or self sabotage.

Unless we can proactively align our conscious and subconscious minds and clear cellular memory of negative emotional charge, we will have a hard time living a truly fulfilling life and reaching our full potential.

One tool I have found most useful is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

This is an informative and inspiring interview with author of The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton (MD), explaining the basis of EFT and other similar belief change and healing modalities.  he is one of the pioneers in our time who have done incredible research and has shown to us what conventional science has been missing out and thus many of the our current accepted “truths” have to be seriously questioned.

Some of these include:

Are we really victim of our genes?

Our thoughts and emotions have no place in medicine because one cannot study them “scientifically”.

If you have heard of EFT or may have even tried it but you have not experienced a dramatic difference, you are not alone, and DON’T give up.  I was one of you before years ago.  I have found it does help to work with a professional and someone objective.

With practice, nowadays, EFT is one of my most used tools, and I often combine it with guided meditation and sometimes PSYCH-K®, depending on what the client needs.  I also do EFT on myself often.

Here’s an article on my website about PSYCH-K® and an interview with Bruce Lipton.  Incidentally he highly recommends this belief change process and has attributed his overcoming his procrastination and getting his book The Biology of Belief published to it.

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