What would I do if I found out I had (breast) cancer? (Part I)

Disclaimer: I am not advocating any cancer cure here and what I say here do not diagnose, cure or treat disease.

I am sharing my personal ideas about what I would do if I had cancer, as I get asked a lot by people who have someone they know afflicted with cancer.  And breast cancer, or the fear of it, is compromising the quality of life of more women than ever, not to say killing them.

breast_cancer_cellI have also witnessed (rather painfully) many people in my life who have died from cancer, many of whom from breast cancer. So I have “practised” the thought of “what I would do if I were them”.

First off I don’t personally “prevent” cancer through mammogram screening, as it’s radioactive and may actually cause cancer. (See this post for alternative breast cancer prevention) In my logic, medicine should first do no harm, this is especially important if the detection has such a high rate of mis-diagnose…

Why me?  Why does cancer happen to me?

Most people ask this when they are diagnosed.

In the understanding of TCM or most holistic and natural healing systems, the body never makes a mistake.

If there is an abnormal growth or disease, it’s because there is stagnation and something is out of balance.  So if I found any abnormal growth anywhere in my body, whether it’s cancerous or not, I would focus on clearing stagnation, which is usually caused by a combination of emotional stress, an inappropriate diet, toxicity, lack of exercise and lack of inspiration and joy in life.

And in fact whatever I have been doing to stay well (and to proactively prevent diseases) would be what I would do MORE of (or with more consistency) if I found out I had cancer, or any serious disease.

Nutritionally, I would definitely increase my intake of high anti-oxidant and micronutrient-rich foods and enzyme-rich foods, and take supplements rich in these nutrients.  (And these would be integrated into a nutritious and nutritional detox program as a way to kickstart the healing.)

And since water makes up more than 70% of the body (and it carries nutrients into the cells and removes wastes out of the cells), I would get the best water filter and ioniser.  (This I am already using.)

To clear emotional and energetic stagnation, I would do an integrated form of EFT tapping or seek help of other practitioners as I may well benefit from someone objective and let them coach me.  As I have found using essential oils of high potency can facilitate the healing process even better, I would use my oils in conjunction, as the molecules of aroma powerfully impact the emotional brain that regulates the stress/healing response.

First thing first, I would focus on what gives me joy, helps me to feel grateful and happy. So if I am sick, it just means I need to do more of these things to cultivate an emotional and mental state that is condusive to healing.  I know a state of SELF LOVE and the belief that “I deserve to be healthy and well” is the most important foundation for healing and sustainable health.  

I’ve seen too many people undergoing costly and painful cancer “treatments” but not addressing the core of the issue and I believe that’s why their cancer does not heal or relapses.

I would do yoga, meditate, use my favourite essential oils a few times a day. I will also review my personal relationships to see where I may be compromising myself or not being authentic. And I would watch comedies, videos of animals and babies that make me feel good (and produce healing hormones), and consciously find more reasons to laugh.  Laughter can literally “open the heart” and clear stagnation in the heart chakra (where the breasts are), and all over the body.

I would most likely go for a holiday to relax (and I think I deserve it!).  And I may well combine the nutritious and nutritional detox (I would bring my supplies with me) with a relaxing and healing holiday so I “kill two birds with one stone”.  It can help to “reset” the autonomic nervous system (from sympathetic to parasympathetic) and kickstart the body’s healing mechanism.

I would take Vit D and get sun exposure.  (That’s why a nice warm holiday would be great.)

And I would likely up my effort in regular coffee enema, which is a well recognized and used in most non-invasive alternative cancer healing centres, as it can increase liver detox function by about 6 folds. I would make good use of the bath tub at home and give myself “spa treatments” by doing Epsom salt (and Himalayan salt) baths, with therapeutic essential oils.  Or at least I would do foot bath with these.

All natural cancer recovery practices involve detoxification. Doing it in a way that suits me would help support my healing.

I don’t like pain…but I may tolerate the small pain of acupuncture in this case too! <smile>  Self practice of chi-gong seems more appealing to me though.  And it is an economical and effective way in restoring balance practised for thousands of years.

Apart from food, I would also use supplements and essential oils to help balance my hormones too. I know that the aging process and my diet and stress put pressure onto my hormone balance.  (Or I should say I would increase my current effort in this area.)  I would use (Young Living) Sacred Frankincense essential oil more frequently and in higher dose, in conjunction with therapeutic essential oils of  Myrrh, Copaiba, Lemon and the citrus in general for their tumour digesting effect.  I would drink my Ningxia Red more regularly as well as it is a very concentrated liquid supplement.  I know in high enough dose these can help me move through the stagnation on many levels.

Some people would also do functional testing to help design their nutritional regime.

If my inner knowing tells me I need to address my emotional stress which is the main reason I have developed cancer, I may focus more on emotional healing before I do those tests.  If my inner knowing tells me I have developed cancer mainly because of physical reasons, I would definitely do those tests.

It’s always good to have something objective to look at to confirm my intuition and guide me through my healing course. So I may consult open minded and well-informed medical doctors to seek their opinions. I have seen people getting confused by conflicting interpretations from different tests or by different practitioners and end up in panic mode when the test results come out disappointing. Their mood becomes controlled by test results. That’s NOT what I want, because I know nothing is more important than keeping my healing response working, and triggering the stress response suppresses the healing response.

So if I panic, everything I do to heal myself will just work less or not work at all.   

Compared to conventional treatment, all the above are much less likely to cause harm or to over-do.  Besides the “side effects” are few if any.  In fact, wouldn’t one do these anyway whether one is sick or not?

Keeping myself inspired

If I found out I had cancer or any disease, it’s just a wake-up call for me to pause and re-assess where I am out of balance, and go back on track – no blame, no regret, just with self love. Actually this is what many cancer survivors have said – cancer has been a wake-up call for them and it has proven to be the best thing that had ever happened to them.

So I will keep myself inspired by reading about their healing stories. I will also re-read this article to remind myself how so many people have healed themselves outside of what conventional medicine consider to be possible and to put things into perspective.  Dr. Kelly Turner (author of Radical Remission) has studied over 1000 such cases and interviewed the patients about what they think contributed to their healing without using conventional methods (or when they have exhausted what conventional medicine has got to offer.) It’s estimated the actual cases of these remissions are 100 times more than published in the medical journals. Remembering her findings will help keep me inspired.

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