DEATH is not the end…

While a lot of us are busy preparing for holiday celebrations (or recovering from them!), many people I know are grieving the loss of their loved ones at this time.

(And there are more people dying in winter than in summer as our immunity is more challenged in this time.)

My friend Anita Moorjani* (Dying to be Me) and I have recently created this video about “death” and what we have learnt from experiencing death – for Anita Moorjani, she has been on death’s door, for me, I have experienced my connection with my late father beyond his physical exit.  We really hope that this short video will help anyone dealing with the loss of their loved one.

*Anita Moorjani from Hong Kong had a “near death experience” and a spontaneous healing from late stage cancer in 2006.  Her book Dying to be Me is a New York Times best-seller and has since been translated into 32 (and counting) languages. (Both Chinese and English copies can be obtained from the i-Detox store, or any large book stores.)

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