What would I do if I found out I had (breast) cancer (Part II)

This post is a continuation of Part I of What would I do if I would out I had (breast) cancer.

My views on conventional cancer treatments

Currently the three mainstream treatments are: chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical removal.

Surgery to remove body parts inflicted with cancer is common and is often the first recommendation.  It can be a very tough decision to make and people may be influenced to do this out of fear.  My belief is that in the case of breast cancer, removing the breast will affect the lymphatic system (which is our natural drainage system) and it can make it even harder for the body to stay healthy and heal.  And any surgery disrupts the flow of our chi or life force and creates stress. And I see that each part of our body is a holographic replicate of the bigger whole.  So personally I do not see how by cutting out a part of it will actually address the root cause.  So I will ONLY agree to surgery for emergency, definitely NOT as a preventative measure.

The side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy are well-known. Check this out if you need more info: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2012/04/21/cancer-industry-exposed-as-fraud-the-science-is-false/

I am very sure many people have survived these treatments though and some of these people are my clients who have come to get help to recover from these treatments or to support them through these treatments.  And we cannot change the past but we can change the future.

Since “belief” is the biggest healing force (check out the works of Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Lissa Rankin etc), whatever you believe truly and deeply will work for you. (Lynn McTaggart says that beautifully in The Living Matrix documentary about healing. That’s why she has stopped telling people not to follow conventional method such as chemotherapy.) So I am in support for anyone if they believe their medical treatments will help or has helped them.

Afterall, it’s the body’s innate healing ability that heals, not any one single or combination of drug or treatment, or one “magic healer”.  (See my other post about not giving your healing power away to any guru or healer.) So believing something will work will switch off the stress response.

Treating cancer on a budget

I believe that what supports healing has got not too much to do with how much the treatment costs.  Some of what works may cost less than others (in fact some are free, like self practice of meditation, chi-gong etc), but the cost has got much less to do with the effectiveness than with the mental state I am coming from.  I probably will cover more grounds and use a combination of healing media, and I will decide depending what feels right to me at the time. Being quiet and centered will allow me to make better choices.

If someone has a belief that the effectiveness of treatment is proportionate to how much they need to spend, then I recommend that they seek out those treatments, to give them peace of mind.  Also, someone in a white lab coat often looks more authoritative (psychologically for many), so if that gives more assurance, I would say let them go see them.

I have definitely seen those who would spare no expense actually having less healing than those who just stick with the “basics”.  And I have been told by family of the patients or the patients themselves that because when the doctor knows that they have insurance coverage, more procedures, treatments and expensive drugs would be recommended.

And don’t forget every drug needs to be broken down by the liver.  Unnecessary drugs add to the detoxification load of the body.


Currently in my toolbox of healing, what I’ve got are much cheaper than what I (or my insurance company) have to spend if I follow the conventional route of cancer treatment.  Just the diagnostic tests themselves would have paid for the nutritional supplements. I would NOT choose a treatment just because it’s being covered by insurance, versus something I have to pay for myself.

Dealing with other peoples’ opinions

When you tell people you have cancer, you need to manage their stress on top of yours.  So I can see why some people are selective about who they disclose the information to.

I have compassion for those who feel obliged to follow what their families and friends tell them to do even though it does not feel right for them.  And I have also (sadly) seen people’s healing improved dramatically when they followed their instinct but took the nosedive when they let people around them make the decisions for them.

So if I had cancer, I would tell people to respect that it’s MY LIFE, and I am the only one who needs to be responsible for it. (That’s why going away for a relaxing and therapeutic holiday may not be a bad idea.)

My disease is my friend…

I also believe that I cannot treat the disease as if it’s an “enemy” that needs to be beaten. (That’s why I don’t like expressions like “fight cancer” or “beat cancer”… You cannot deny a part of yourself and be completely healed… It’s like saying I want money, but when you are given a gold coin, you only accept the head and reject the tail.)

And in my belief system, any disease is our body’s way of healing and bringing itself back to balance, whether it’s common cold, allergies, IBS, or cancer. Dr. Hamer is a German doctor who founded Meta-Medicine/Meta-Health.  He had explained convincingly from research and his first hand experience how cancer (and all diseases) manifest as a healing response from specific shock or emotional trauma.  (Click here to learn more >>>) I am also in agreement with Dr Bruce Lipton’s and many others that my internal environment feeds information to every cell in my body, and that it’s that environment that determines genetic behaviour.

So the food I eat, the personal care I put on my body and all the environmental toxins I am exposed to, and the thoughts I think and the emotions I feel, all feed this internal environment and give information to my DNA.  So again, in my belief system, proper nutrition, emotional health, exercise that I enjoy doing and loving relationships, a purpose to live, and the BELIEF that I can heal and I deserve to be healed will take care of me.  And I believe the last two factors are the two most important ones.

I believe my body will always do the right thing if I get myself (the fear-based ego self) out of its way!  (I know – that might be the hardest part isn’t it?… That’s why perhaps the most important thing is to relax, not let fear push me to make decision, get out of stress mode and get into the meditative state which is the state the body heals fastest.

I know that when my body chemistry is off (by the time I have developed cancer or any serious disease), it may be harder for me to think wisely and with my best aware state.  So I would also enlist the help of another coach and healer to help me, like how I have helped others who needed guidance.

Acceptance and neutrality

I believe if it’s not my time to go yet, even if my body gets very very sick I WILL still come back and my body will heal – like my friend Anita Moorjani has.  (Her recovery from end stage cancer defies current medical explanation.) And she found the real reason for her cancer.

And if my purpose is done and it’s time for me to go, then I will willingly exit and leave behind the expired body!  I have to say I actually quite look forward to “going home”, as “life after life”, from all accounts, seem pretty good, in fact more than good.

I am not saying I will not feel a little sad for leaving my friends and family.  And my busy mind will still cling on my long to-do list… But I will let those who care for me know that those who have been at death’s door (and came back) have all described the “other side” as indescribably beautiful, and that no one that have crossed over wants to come back (if not because they were sent back to finish their unfinished business). So death is really nothing to be afraid of.

I will need to remind myself to have courage and trust to pass that threshold between “life” and “death”, and encourage my loved ones to be happy for me.  And I know my physical exit would contribute to them in some perfect ways too.  There can be no mistake in the universe.

In short, I will aim to be “neutral” about the outcome of surviving or dying.  And I will show everyone who’s concerned about me my videos and my blog, so they understand me better and they can relax and hold the space (or morphic field) for my best healing.  If they can relax and not stress about my condition, it will be the greatest contribution for me, whether I heal my physical body and continue my life’s journey, or I exit from my physical body to continue my soul’s evolutionary journey.

So, whatever you believe, it will be your perfect truth.  Choose what you want to believe, and make sure your conscious and subconscious mind are aligned.  (The conscious mind is only 5% or our entire consciousness).

And I certainly do not mean blind optimissm and positive thinking.  (See this post and understand why positive thinking does not work and what does…)  EFT and Matrix Reimprinting may help. Or other healing modalities that help you end the conflict between your conscious and subconscious minds.

And I wish you good health and a great purpose to LIVE!

Have you found this post useful?  If you think someone may benefit too, thank you for sharing! Thank you!

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