“Positive thinking” does not work (and what does) – Part II


A less traumatic and a more gentle way (compared to having painful or shocking life experiences) to reprogram is to meditate regularly, which is what old sages have always known and taught.  And by meditation or being in the meditative state, I mean letting go of the control of the busy and conscious mind.

And you do NOT have to wait until you can meditate like a monk or go through long drawn processes reliving old trauma to start clearing our mental and emotional garbage…

(Although if you are ready to invest 10 days into a thorough mental and emotional clean out you may consider this I did…)

That’s why I like using quick and easy techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and the like (which Dr. Lipton also recommends) to facilitate the process of “emotional detox”. EFT is a more participatory process (which involves the conscious mind) compared to hypnosis, which I think also has its place in reprogramming the mind and in healing.

Most people think EFT is about tapping certain meridian points. But that is only the appearance of how it’s done. Tapping “correctly” is not half as important as accessing the emotions you need to neutralise and that’s why sometimes it works better when you work with someone who is objective, compassionate and experienced in being able to guide you in the process. Like any skills, you can become better at it with practice and you can do it on yourself with great results eventually.

If nothing else, EFT tapping also helps you to feel better and have better energy. I’ve seen some amazing shifts doing EFT with my clients while incorporating coaching, “Radical Awakening” techniques and visualisation etc.  It’s really about bringing the person to the meditative state for more lasting reprogramming.

Science has shown that people who meditate regularly develop more grey matter in the brain, which translates into more emotional stability, more feelings of happiness and peace, focus, better sleep, slower aging and more effective disease healing…

It’s pretty cool isn’t it?

Since about a year ago, I also started incorporating essential oils in my integrative coaching sessions. I’ve seen even more powerful result in less time.

No wonder traditionally some powerful aromatic substances were kept away from the general masses, like Frankincense, considered to be a very spiritual oil reserved for royalties or the religious elite. In fact Frankincense and other oils high in sesquiterpenes and monoterpenes (e.g. Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Myrrh) whose molecules have the structure to pass through the membranes of the brain cells and erase and restore DNA information. (And this would be a subject of another post.) The inhalation of such oils have shown to increase higher brain activity and change brain wave frequencies like how meditation does.

Other practitioners’ experiences have further inspired me in recommending the oils (apart from showing them how to do EFT etc) for my clients to use regularly on their own so as to empower them with tools they can use after seeing me.  Afterall I cannot be with them all the time, and it’s important that they can be independent on their own.  My goal is they have more awareness and they are equipped with a toolbox to care for themselves.

So whatever tool you use or activity you do to help rewire and reprogram your brain, simply put, is to help it to be at that meditative state so that it can restore to its original settings of joy, peace and love. It is in that state that you can truly reach down to the subconscious mind, and bring the conflicting aspects of your consciousness into harmony. When you feel congruent, you dissolve a huge source of stress.

And every step of overcoming a “challenge” or stressful situation, we evolve.

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  1. I recently had a spiritual awakening. My personal definition would be that I realized that I was living in the past and blaming certain people for ‘bad experiences’ I went through or I was thinking too far in the future, thus, experiencing anxiety. We are to live in the present moment. Through reading books and documentaries I have learned that we chose our parents, chose the people we have in our lives; children, siblings, friends, and experiences, etc. We were all reincarnated and are here on earth to learn lessons that we haven’t from past lives. So I do believe some parts of your information but not all. Only God knows our future and what happens in our lives right now is happening for certain reasons. God has taught me to just be happy in the moment, and then I will attract more happy moments. Our thoughts and words are extremely powerful and God is helping me each and every day. Religion is for people who fear hell, spirituality is for people who have been there. Thanks for listening. Namaste:)

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