Dirtiest places you can touch when you travel (not what you think)

I must admit I am not one that is obsessive when it comes to hygiene – for example I like walking around barefoot… A part of me feels that we need to challenge our immune system sometimes and should not make our environment too sterile…

But recently I read this article about the dirtiest places you make contact with when you travel.

And this other part of me is quite concerned about the findings from these reports (actually it’s not so shocking when you come to think of it but just that one may not pay attention usually):

– Bins used in security screening to hold from anything from shoes to lap top computers can contain dangerous level of bacteria and, well, feacal matter… (yikes!)

– The tray tables, seat pockets and arm rests are some of the most germ filled places on the plane, apart from the toilet. Harmful and potentially deadly bacteria like MRSA and E. coli survive for days on all surfaces including arm rests, toilet flush handles, tray tables, window shades, seats and seat pockets. While most people use the tray tables for meals, some use that for changing babies (!)

How would I boost my immunity and at the same time disinfect effectively without harmful chemicals?

Before I eat I would use a chemical-free sanitising gel to clean my hand: Thieves Hand Purifier

Thieves smell so nice too! And as I inhale them I am also taking into immune-strengthening plant substances from clove, lemon etc (not the usual toxic chemical found in common commercial products).

If I run out of Thieves products, I would use other essential oils I have with me.  Most authentic and pure essential oils have anti-bacterial properties, as plants products these for self protection.

But some essential oils are extremely high in anti-bacterial properties, such as clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary. And these are the ingredients in the famous “Thieves” blend, named after French Thieves who stole from the dying or dead people during the Black Plague and protected themselves with these oils!

Inner_DefenseWhen I travel I also always make sure I bring with me Vitamin C supplement and Inner Defense capsule (the natural anti-biotics of choice for me).  Inner Defense contains Thieves blend, and Oregano and Thyme, both extremely anti-bacterial (and anti-viral and anti-fungal too).  You don’t need to take it indefinitely but it’s certainly useful when needed.  And unlike pharmaceuticals you won’t build drug resistance from it.

Not to say I use Thieves toothpaste too.  (Clove has long been used for dental health. Read why a progressive doctor says she loves it here >>>)

I also bring with me Thieves oil. I love the smell of this blend (especially in the winter time).  If I am staying in an oldish hotel room with dirty carpets, I would also diffuse it with a travel diffuser (and I would not walk around bare foot!).  It takes off moldy smell too.

Thieves wipes are handy too, especially for mothers.

Read more about natural and effective ways for boosting immunity and killing harmful pathogens here >>>


<Note: If you want to get some of the products mentioned but you don’t live in Hong Kong, you may still order from the i-Detox store. We can post regionally.  Alternatively you can also read here about getting Young Living products by creating an account directly with them at 24% discount, and you can order from anywhere in the world. >

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