About Anita

anita_half_bodyDo you, like most people, want to be healthy (or at least not be sick) but are too busy to learn how?  Or do you suffer from “information overload” and do not know what to do?

The saddest thing for me is seeing people feel like their health is a pure game of chance that they have no control over.  I was one of them. And losing loved ones to preventable diseases has made it even clearer to me how important it is to develop life skills of self care.

When I quit my corporate job in fashion 10 years ago at the prime of my career out of health reasons and the inner knowing that I was in the “wrong” job, and went to New York, I thought I was taking a “sabbatical”. But eventually I started full time training in holistic and integrative nutrition, which set off a long and continuing path of discovery in various health coaching and healing modalities.  Read my professional bio here.

Today, I am told that the way I bring together the East and West, the traditional and the cutting edge, the left and right brain approaches to wellbeing, really makes sense…

And WHAT A DIFFERENCE has it made – when I can now tap into my own resources in staying well.

Creating this blog allows me to put my responses to many of the questions I get asked a lot up for more people to benefit.  It serves as a hub of my articles dating back from 2006, and it is growing with other media like videos.  There are many roads to Rome (or wellness).  Most importantly I hope my sharing may inspire you to experiment and learn, and make your wellness choice easier.

You will find that the wellbeing options I like tend to be simple, practical, proven by traditional wisdom and modern science, and very importantly, pleasurable – as I don’t believe in torturing ourselves to become healthy.  (You can read more about this philosophy on my posts on healing and the stress response, and pain is stressful.)

This post explains my approach as a healer and facilitator as someone who inspires and empowers.

So never forget YOU are your own best health guru, and the driver of your life! All the suggestions here are intended for you to be considered from a place of self love.

Lastly, I need to let you know that in order for me to continue share my knowledge and insights for free, like most people, I do need to pay the bills while doing what I love doing (which is sharing).  I run a wellness business providing services as well as products for sale. Although what I recommend is not in any way limited to what my boutique wellness centre and shop provide.

Naturally if I believe in something, I want to make it easy for my clients to get them and where appropriate, I would like to offer them – that was how my social entrepreneurship started with my health consultancy and shop based in Hong Kong.

The potential financial gain for recommending products and services is never more important than what I honestly feel about what I recommend.  I trust you understand that this will help support me to continue to learn, share and create content that may benefit you.

Thank you for your patronage, if you choose to do business with my company.  And thank you for sharing my posts with anyone you think may benefit.

Be WELL and be your BEST self everyday!

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